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Best Water Filter Systems

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If you are caring about the quality of water especially drinking water and you are looking for a solution for water treatment.

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  • If you reached this website by any chance.

Let’s see what we have here

  • If you think your water is good enough and you are sure it’s safe for your family.

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We will move on some basic information about the drinking water, then, we will suffer on some quick reviews as well as my recommendation for the best water filter systems to deal with water contaminations. This is just my knowledge and experience, I am sharing, not trying to insist what the best water filter system is for you because you should be the one who knows it. Hope it can help you in the way to have wellness and healthy drinking water, or at least, you can avoid potential risks for you and your family.

Do you know your water?

Firstly, I want you to answer this simple question because I was surprised when I test and see what presents in the drinking water we are using. There are hundred even thousand contaminations presents in the water. You can test your water by water test exams or tools.

I quote the following facts of 3 types of water we are using every day as an overview for the quality of drinking water situation.

Well water

If you are one of 15 million U.S households who are relying on the private well for drinking water, you must know about the well water basic and you are responsible for ensuring that the water is safe from contaminants. You can test the water from your private wells by chemical exam or a water test tool.

Are you sure the water from your well is safe for your family?

Tap water

Seems we don’t have any problem with tap water since it is considered generally drinking water for people and authorized by Environmental Protection Agency organization (EPA). But in fact, tap water is not safe to drink unless you are an adult without any special health conditions (Tap Water Quality and Safety).

As you know, the water taken from the natural source such as lakes, rivers, wells and the microbial contamination in the water is treated with chlorine.  There are many contaminants and chlorine is existing in tap water. You can smell and taste chlorine by taking a sip of tap water. In a report of pure-earth.com, potential risks of contracting bladder and rectal cancer are increased 21% and 38% for each if you drink chlorinated water for a long period.

Is tap water safe to drink?

Bottled water

Bottled water is pure, and in theory, it is too safe to drink. But in fact, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) estimated that more than 25% of bottled water is just tap water in a bottle in 2008. On the other hand, I’m not anti-bottled water because I’m using it sometimes, but we should know the fact of using bottled water in this infographic.

The downside of bottled water is its cost, it’s too expensive because we have to pay for purified water plus the fee for plastic bottles. Regarding the price of bottled water, I like a funny quote I read somewhere: “

Is it worth to pay more money for a type of water you can get from the faucet in your kitchen?

Before we go to next part, it would be good if you can answer the question: Do you know your water?

Quality of drinking water?

I think you know your water and you know if the water is safe for you and your family or not.  If you do not.it is not a dangerous situation, but you should have some action

Let me talk a bit about my story.

I am living with my parent and my 3 lovely children and of course, with my wife. We used water from a private well in our garden since I was a child, then my parent decided to change to use city water as it is filtered and provided by the city government. It was not an easy deciding because we were using well water without seeing any problem, using tap water means we had to pay more bill, but we changed because the filtered water is better.

Everything seems fine for us if I didn’t read about water pollution, the facts of tap water and the impaction to the health. I asked myself, why we don’t use a water filter system for better quality of drinking water? Why not? Then, you know, I did research a lot about water treatment and water filter systems, I realized there are many water filtration solutions and products can help us to gain the quality of drinking water, they also reduce the potential risks from contaminants and bacteria exists in the water. Of course, I have water filter system in my house and I am not anxious about drinking water anymore.

Do you have any doubt and are you worrying about the quality of drinking water?

What water filter for you?

Alright, now you know your water, you want to gain quality of drinking water to avoid potential risks for your family. It’s the time to find out the best water filter system we should have.

I guess you googled the queries “water filter system” or “best water filter system” and you see it’s easy to find suggestions and advice for a good water filter system, but not easy to pick a right one.

I did research a lots information about water filter and see that we can classify the information in 3 main groups same as any other product.

  • Science information and knowledge: This kind of information comes from a big organization like Wiki, WQA, NSF…: You can learn and understand about the products in term of technique.
  • Product information from manufacturers and retailers
  • Reviews and comparisons: This is helpful information because the reviewer research and/or tests the products then write the reviews and make the comparison. You can find both positive and negative characteristics as well as pros and cons of the products there is not advertisement word in this type of information. You also can compare products to consider before decide to buy one. This is the way I’m developing this website and I hope I can help you to find out what is the best water filter system after you read my reviews and recommendation.

You can find 2 first types of information from the Internet easily, I will not take too much of your time for those but focus on the 3rd one and try to help you to find the best water filter within this website.

There are many different players in the water filter market but here we will check out 3 most popular ones.

Reverse Osmosis system

Reverse osmosis system is one of the most important innovation of the water filter technology. Almost of RO systems has 5 stages of filtration process produces a capacity of 50-90 GPD (gallons per day), it removes up to 95% of contamination from the water. Some models have up to 6 or 7 stages with some extra functions like alkaline adding back to the water (stage 6th) or/and UV light (stage 7th) which can help to kill any bacteria and gain the quality of water.

Reverse Osmosis System is a long last water filter system with a reasonable price, the price rank is about 100 to more than 500$ (

I did deliberate, read and research quite much on the Internet to find the best water filter, then I decided to

Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

As its name, Whole House reverse osmosis is a large RO system produces up to thousands GPD as it is designed for whole house uses. The price is quite expensive in the rank of about 500$ up to more than 1000$, the latest price on Amazon is flexible, you can consider buying a used whole house RO system for a cheaper price.

If a standard reverse osmosis system (with 50-100 GPD) could not produce enough pure water for your family, or in the case you want to have purified water for many using purposes, or you are looking for a water filter system for your office building, this should be the best water filter system for you.

Check the latest price on Amazon

Countertop water filter system

Don’t mix it with countertop water dispenser. This is a small water filter that you can install right on the countertop to replace the tradition faucet in your kitchen. Countertop water filter has 1-3 stages of filtration process without storage tank, hence, it’s smaller and cheaper than a standard as well as whole house reverse osmosis system.

Countertop water filter has some downside you should consider before purchase:

  • You have to install in right on the countertop in your kitchen, it takes some space and make your kitchen looks messy.
  • You cannot find extra features like alkaline adding back or UV light in a countertop water filter,

This is a good option in case you want a small and cheap water filter. You can find more details and specification of a particular countertop water filter on Amazon

Countertop water dispenser

I used one of this kind water filter some years ago in my small office (5 staffs) but seem it doesn’t provide enough drinking water for us. So you should consider about its capacity before make order.

Water pitcher

This must be one of the most popular water filter product as it’s family to everyone. It is a pitcher with a single advanced filter reduces the bad tastes and contamination present in tap water like chlorine, odor, zinc … provides you a purified and better taste drinking water.

For me, it’s better using a pitcher with an advanced filter than nothing (filter) and I am using a Brita Everyday one with a capacity of 10 cups of water and I like it.

LifeStraw Water Filter

I have never used this filter but as I read the reviews from the Internet and especially real customer reviews on Amazon, I can know that the personal version should be the indispensable equipment for people who love adventure tour to discover the wild natural. It’s used most in emergency cases. But the commercial one is used in the normal life of developing countries where people don’t have access to clean water.

The best water filter systems

As I mentioned in earlier of this article, I strong recommend you to use reverse osmosis system for family uses as it is the best water filter in my opinion.

In order to make sure my family have purified water for drinking, I did research a lot about water quality, water treatment methods, and water filter products, and I stopped at reverse osmosis system with some certain knowledge and experience about it. As a result, anything made with purified water from a reverse osmosis brings a better taste: juices, coffee, pasta, soups.

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