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Big Berkey Water Filter Review

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The Big Berkey with two Black Berkey is one of the best investments I have ever made. Yes it comes with quite a hefty  price tag, but it is also a guarantee for good heath. This water purification system is one of the best in its kind.

For the longest time, I used to buy water purification jugs that come with filters that needed to be replaced every 2-3 months. The water would taste nasty as big black chunky stuff would come in the water and the water would taste nasty. Then I switched to Ozarka packaged drinking water, but the problem with that was that I had to go out and buy a big pack every week, which was expensive and time consuming.

I finally researched a lot on water purification systems and bought the Big Berkey Water Purification System through Amazon after reading really good reviews about it online. I am truly impressed by this system and life is so much easier now. Following is a list of pros and cons of the Big Berkey System, but honestly I think the pros overshadow the cons of this systems and it is truly an amazing buy for its price.

Big Berkey Water Purification System Pros:

  •  They are best suited for home and kitchen use to provide clean, good tasting drinking water.Big Berkey Water Filter.
  • They come with superior performance gravity based filters which do not depend on electricity, and hence is easily portable and comes in a good size.
  • This filter purifies both treated and untreated water like no other. Be it tap water or water from the pond, the Big berkey filters about 3.5 gallons of water per hour and can store up to 2.25 gallons of clean drinking water.
  •  It filters out harmful chemicals, contaminants and bacteria and keeps the good chemicals intact. Unlike other filters, The black berkeys are able to filter out even harmful fluoride elements from the water to give safe drinking water. I can always drink this water without thinking twice about my heath.
  •  It is extremely easy to assemble. It took me about 10 minutes to assemble the whole system, just screw in all the parts and it is ready to use. No hassles. It is also very easy to clean and use.
  • The end result is purified, tasty clean water, which tasted even better than boiled water. Each filter purifies about 3000 gallons of water, therefore it needs to be replaced once a year or so at a very affordable price.

Big Berkey Water Filtration System Cons:

  •  One of the drawbacks I noticed was that the filter rate gets slower after use, but there is an easy solution to this. Just clean the filter system and brush the parts and it is good as new.
  • The filters start to get dry sometimes and you need to re prime the filters occasionally which is extremely easy to do.

Big Berkey Water Filter Review – Final Verdict

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big berkey water filter system
Big Berkey Water Filter System

This kind of a water purification system is very difficult to find. It the best decision you can make to get a good investment with your money and a guarantee for clean, safe drinking water. I highly recommend the Big Berkey with two Black Berkeys Water Filtering System.