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Best Carbon Water Filters

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If your water purification system is due for a filter change, your best choice is to go with a carbon water filter. Carbon is by far the most effective filter media available for water filtration. Fortunately there are many sizes and styles available so you will be able to easily find what you are looking for.

 At the small scale, you can get a carbon water filter that is built right into a water bottle! This is exceptionally convenient if you have to refill your water bottle throughout the day at places that don’t have filtered water. This type of system will also save you money as you will not be purchasing bottled water whenever you need to rehydrate. This is also helpful for the environment since you don’t have to worry about throwing away or recycling empty bottles.

Another common place you will need to replace a carbon water filter is in the refrigerator. Most moderate to high-end refrigerators that dispense ice and water will have a filter built in to the unit. Typically you will not have much of a choice in which filter you get to replace your old media, but it’s worth checking out if you want to possibly save some money and maybe even get better filtering performance.

If it’s available, also look for a number that tells you how fast the water flow through the filtration media. The more time the water is in contact with the filter media the better the filtering action will be. It may be more convenient to have the water available sooner, but going with a carbon water filter that makes you wait a little longer can give you better filtering results.

Why Carbon Water Filters?

Benefits of Carbon Water Filters


Most Common Replacement Filter

Probably the most common replacement filters are those for faucet and pitcher type water filters. These are found in thousands of homes and help families remove any impurities in the water that may be left over from the municipal water treatment system. These are also good candidate for getting filters that are compatible with the system but not necessarily created by the manufacturer of the system.


Economical and More Effective

This is a good chance to save some money on filters and possibly even improve it’s operation. You can look at the filter specifications to see if an aftermarket brand will be more effective than the stock filter. It’s important to make sure the filter uses activated charcoal and it will be even more effective if it is “block” carbon rather than “granular”. The block carbon has more surface area and will be more effective in removing contaminants.

Final Verdict:

Finally, if you have whole home filtration system it’s likely you will have a wider choice of carbon water filter media. The nice thing about these systems is that you only have one set of filters to replace for the entire home and you don’t have to worry about separate filters for the shower, cooking water, drinking water, and other daily uses. These filters are usually also rated for odor removal, which is a very nice feature.