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Do You Need a Water Treatment Filter?

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Good water is one of those things that you always take for granted. I had never even thought to question that the water quality in my town was good. It tasted fine, and none of the kids in the neighborhood seemed sick. We live in a fairly affluent suburb, and although it had recently been farm land, I never even thought about the possibilities of contamination from farm runoff. It just seemed too safe and sheltered. Things appeared to be too good here for environmental hazards like that – that is until I heard the bad news. Apparently, there was a great deal of groundwater contamination in the area from a variety of fertilizers, pesticides, and other pollutants. I wanted to protect myself and my family so I bought a water treatment filter.

I had expected water treatment filtration to be kind of a pain to set up. I figured that quality water treatment reverse osmosis must be a pretty complicated operation. I was expecting the water treatment filter to be about 5 feet square and weigh about 30 pounds. When I saw how small it was, I was shocked and amazed. I thought I was being scammed, in fact. I couldn't believe that something that small could do that much to safeguard myself and my family. Water treatment filters might be high tech, but could they be that high tech? Could those tiny little boxes filter out particulate matter reliably enough to protect us from the accumulation of some pretty deadly additives?

 It turns out that the water treatment filter system was better than I had thought. I did some research on it, and I found out that – with proper maintenance – most water treatment filters are at least 80% effective, if not more. This isn't bad when you consider what they actually have to accomplish. Nonetheless, using one water treatment filter alone didn't seem adequate to me. I knew that there was no such thing as 100% protection, but I still thought that I should get as close as possible. Through a double water treatment filter system that I set up, I figured I could get 80% of the remaining pollutants for a total of 96% protection. That is not bad when you think about it. I knew that, provided I changed the water filters frequently enough, my family would be completely protected from being exposed to dangerous doses of fertilizer and ground arsenic. That is a great thing for a father to know.

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