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GE Water Softener Reviews

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If you are going to shop around, you will definitely see a plethora of water softener products, all showing up with different brands and types. Prior to this reality, a consumer becomes even more confused due to the overwhelming abundance of such products in the market today.

 And when it comes to buying a water softener, it is important for a consumer to be educated and well-informed in the first place. Exploring the world of these products including their manufacturers is simply the best way for you to acquaint yourself on what the best water softener in the market really is. Aside from comparing prices, you should also take note of the following, too: the type of environment where it is going to be set up in, installation, size, how and what the unit is made of, rating of the product. And this time around, we will be dealing with 2 of the best GE Water Softener products in the market today.

About General Electric (GE)

General Electric (GE) is a brand which was established and founded by one of the most famous and most celebrated inventors of all time, Thomas Edison. This brand offers a myriad of products which include water softeners. This particular business operates with the following principles: “To imagine, To Solve, To Build and To Lead.” In case you are not aware, GE offers a wide range of selection in terms of its lineup of water softener products. While there are ones which are small enough to address the needs of a single person, there are also those that can accommodate and address the needs of multiple persons. Generally, all GE Water Softener products comes with the so-called SmartSoft, a kind of technology which operates to help you save energy, minimize the loss of salt from the water and effectively gauge your water softening requirements and needs.

The Different Types of GE Water Softener

There are actually a wide range of selections when it comes to the water softener products offered by General Electric and some of them are as follows:

Like what has been said a while back, the market is filled with many different types and brands of water softener products and General Electric brands prove to be one of the leaders in the industry. Here are two of the most popular products that you may want to include in your household one of these days:

The General Electric 40,000 Grain Water Softener

This model makes use of SmartSoft Technology which allows monitoring of your water consumption while anticipating water demand, thus preventing you from running out of soft water in your household. It also comes with handy and easy-to-use features like programmable operation, light indicator, alarm and a stable and consistent memory for a hassle-free and more reliable functionality and operation. If your household or family comprises of four or more members then this simply works best for you.

What to Expect from It?

  • It helps save on energy and water by utilizing up to fifty percent less detergent or soap for dishwashing and laundry
  • Easy user interface for easy control and monitoring
  • Hardness removal: max at 125 gpg
  • Iron removal: max at 10 ppm
  • Efficiency: 5100 gpg
  • Salt capacity: 230 pounds
  • A valve that allows you to select the level of softness you want for the water
  • Salt Saver: reduces salt consumption
  • SmartSoft Technology allows you to ‘learn’ the pattern of your family’s water consumption; you will never have to guess when to refill the tank, too
  • Makes use of up to 35 percent less water
  • It comes with a self-cleaning filter (sediment) that helps protect your plumbing system
  • Plumbing connection: 1.25 inches max
  • Warranty: Parts: 1 year; Entire Appliance: 3 years; Electronic Monitor: 10 years; Labor: 1 year

The GE 30,000 Grain Water Softener

With this kind of water softener product, you will definitely enjoy your household having an enhanced quality of water for lesser scale buildup in your water heater, for cleaner dishes and great energy savings. It also comes with handy and easy-to-use features which include a permanent memory and programmable operation so you will never have to worry even when the power goes out. It also adapts to your family’s water usage pattern so you will always have the convenience of having clean and high quality water anytime of the day.

What to Expect from It?

  • This model makes use of fifty percent less detergent or soap for dishwashing and laundry purposes.
  • Grain Capacity: 30,200
  • Efficiency: 5100 gpg
  • Hardness removal: max 95 gpg
  • Iron removal: 7 ppm
  • Salt capacity: 200 pounds
  • This product comes with SmartSoft technology which allows you to understand and “learn” about the pattern of your family’s water consumption. In this regard, you will no longer have to guess when you need to refill your salt tank again.
  • Makes use of 20 percent less water
  • Plumbing connection: 1 inch max
  • It comes with easy to use up-front controls which also include a light indicator to tell you about its current status
  • Warranty: Parts: 1 year; Entire Appliance: 3 years; Electronic Monitor: 10 years; Labor: 1 year


Shopping for the best and reliable water softener can be a way perplexing especially when you are not familiar with a particular product or brand. However, there is one specific brand that you should trust in terms of reliability and good reputation and that is General Electric. With the wide array of ge water softener products such as the ones mentioned above, you will simply never go wrong, knowing that you have purchased the one that will serve you and your household at its best! So buy one and enjoy soft and high quality water in your household today!