Northstar Water Softener Review

Last Updated October 2019

Northstar Water Softener

Northstar Water Softener Review

When hard water is present in a home, the solution people come to is a water softener. It will soften the water, improve the functionality of your home’s appliances and will keep all the plumbing fixtures clean. Among the many brands that manufacture water softening units, the brand that stands in the list of the recommended ones is Northstar. This company has been in this business for many years, during which they have gained popularity and shown to provide good quality products. To understand if their products are the right solution for your home, continue reading our Northstar water softener review below.

Best Northstar Water Softener Reviews

The Northstar models are suitable for use in both homes and businesses. For different household needs, they have several models.


North Star NSC40UD1 Ultra Demand Water Softener

The Top Pick

NSC40UD1 Ultra Demand. It comes with all the common Northstar features that are mentioned above. It also features a backlit LCD display, where you can view the time, hardness level, the regeneration time, current flow, percent of the remaining capacity, total and average daily usage. You can set the efficiency to either high or low. The capacity is 39,000 grains.


North Star NSC30UD Ultra Demand Water Softener

The Top Pick

NSC30UDI Ultra Cabinet. The capacity of this model is 34,300 grains. This second option is more suitable for medium sized households or for softening the water with moderate hardness. It comes with a high flow valve, so you will not see any reduced water flow. Its operation also includes a minimal control system. It automatically identifies when the unit runs out of salt. It comes with a function for restoring the system in the event of power failure. If the power failure occurs, the unit remains running for 72 hours and retains all of the memory data.

Common Features In All Models:

Northstar doesn’t have a big line of water softeners, but only several models and they all come with common basic features. These include diagnostics, patented Look Ahead technology and efficiency selector. They are all also designed for simple and quick set up.

  • The Look Ahead technology of Northstar units is a function for predicting behavior. The feature predicts your family’s regular water usage and according to it adjusts the water regeneration cycles. It’s a helpful function for saving the water.
  • The other beneficial feature is the efficiency selection that lets you set the level you want. The choice of the efficiency will depend on the volume of water your household is using. For example, when you have guests visiting and more people in the household, you can select a higher efficiency level.
  • The Northstar water softeners allow you carry out diagnostics of the unit’s performance. You can view the past processes of the water softener and check data like the total number of regeneration cycles done and the number of days it is in service. You can also check if there are any problems with turbines and switches.
  • Additionally, you can set the softening level of the treated water and time for the regeneration.

Benefits of Northstar Water Softeners:

  • The Look Ahead technology that will help your household water and will also use less salt.
  • Compact but durable design. Each tank has two linings that will keep the unit intact and sturdy for many years of usage.
  • The diagnostics allows you to keep track of the softener’s performance.
  • The resin bed agitator keeps moving and circulating the materials inside the water softener, thus preventing iron and dirt from getting inside the unit.

Buyer's Feedback:

Users of the Northstar water softeners are mostly sharing positive feedback in their reviews. As mentioned by many customers, the use of these softening systems has helped them to get rid of the clogging issues in systems and plumbing fixtures. All the users have seen results of softer water. The hard water problems they had related were substantially reduced.

The benefits that the users comment on include the ease of maintenance and operation. The user can easily read and understand the control panel with all the settings. Customers have the salt loading space easy to access and the features (Look Ahead, diagnostics) very useful.

Bottom Line

Overall, Northstar water softeners are recommended for consideration for treating hard water. The company offers different capacity units, so whether your home is large or smaller, you can find a suitable model. The features they come with will help you to save water and salt. The settings also allow adjusting the system to your needs and viewing all the data of the softener’s performance. Mostly the Northstar water softener reviews have only positive comments and customers are mostly happy with the use of this brand’s products.

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