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RV Water Softener – Should You Opt for it?

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In case you are not aware, your existing water supply may contain mineral ions like calcium and magnesium. These particular types of mineral ions simply make your water hard, thus making it very incompatible with many of the household chores that entail the use of soap. By way of water softening, such mineral ions are effectively eliminated, making your water supply soft and more usable and reliable in the process. Prior to this, it is important to come up with a portable water softener especially when you are in the North Americas where RV or recreational vehicle is at its peak.

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RV Water Softener

This is a special type of water softening system that provides your household with an ample supply of clean and soft water. What is even interesting is that it is considered to be much cheaper in price compared to other traditional and common water softeners out there in the market. This is specially-made to render portability at its best, making it as a perfect option for travelers who are planning to be away from their homes for a period of time. So if you are planning to go camping or travel for a long period of time, this type of water softening device is an excellent choice for you.

The portable type of RV Water Softener makes use of two table salt packets, good enough to provide you with a sufficient supply of soft water, commonly about a thousand gallons of water most of the time. This type of water softener comes with a compact size, outlet caps and inlet water storage. It also comes with tests strips that will allow you to self-test the hardness of your water. Other essential things offered by it include inlet and outlet hose adaptors, a handle and a valve for the inlet and outlet hoses’ automatic switching. Such things make this RV Water Softener truly user-friendly and reliable.

RV Water Treatment: Two Different Types

There are actually two different types of RV Water Treatment and they are as follows:

1. The Ion Exchange Type

This particular type of RV water treatment or softener makes use of sodium to replace calcium and magnesium in the process. It contains resin beads which are negatively charged, allowing the mineral contents of the water to be replaced by the sodium ions which are considered to be something stronger as far as charge is concerned.

2. The Reverse Osmosis Type

This is actually considered as a water-filter which uses membrane that is semi-permeable. This membrane functions to separate certain kinds of minerals and other foreign elements that the water contains.

Producing soft water out of RV Water Softener offers a great deal of importance simply because your soft water will no longer contain mineral ions that often cause hardness to your water supply. Through such kind of benefit, rest assured that you will always have an ample supply of clean, soft and potable water up to the duration of your stay outside away from your home.

RV Water Softener – The Different Advantages

The following are some of the most essential benefits that you will absolutely get from using it in your home:

  • Your water that runs through it becomes cleaner, safer and healthier for drinking purposes, thus preventing the attack of certain types of infections which are commonly brought about by unclean and unsafe water.
  • Since the water that runs through the water softener unit, you will definitely enjoy soft water at its best, allowing you to make use of detergent and soap that lathers easily. It’s therefore a good advantage for laundry and washing purposes.
  • Soft water produced by it reduces your detergent or soap consumption while increasing your clothes’ lifespan too.
  • It is also very easy to use; making it is a user-friendly type of water treatment for recreational vehicle purposes.
  • Since it is portable, everyone who is always on the go can have the advantage of using clean and potable water wherever they go at any time of the day.

Watts RV PRO-1000

This is a top-rated water softener product on Amazon. It is easy to install and can soften even the hardest water.

What is really great about this type of RV Water Softener is that it can work even with common and ordinary salt, thus you are saved from carrying bags and bags of heavy water softener salts. It also comes with test strips to allow you to determine the hardness of your water, before and after.

So if you want something trusted and reliable for your soft water needs specifically for your RV needs and requirements, there is one name that can help you realize it and that’s RV Water Softener and no other!