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Structured Water Truth

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Structured water is the purest form of water, an essential part of life.  The water supply we currently have access to has been molecularly modified due to environmental and industrial changes that have taken place over the last century.

Except in nature, water just doesn’t contain the same hydration and healing properties that it used to. Structured water reverses this molecular change and returns the water to its original natural state.

 Structured water is free of toxic effects and is more dense and hydrating than our current water supply since it hydrates at the cellular level.

Why isn’t your water hydrating you?

Because it can’t penetrate your cell walls. Cell walls have surface tension. It forms a type of film which makes it more difficult for an object, in this case water, to move through the surface.

To hamper the hydration process further, ordinary water doesn’t have the force to penetrate your cell walls. This force is measured in dynes. Water needs to be less than 46 dynes to penetrate your cell walls. Distilled and tap water is 72 dynes. Structured water has been measured at 38 – 43 dynes.

To better understand dynes let’s use alcohol as an example. Alcohol has 28 dynes, making it easily absorbed. That’s why you see such immediate effects in your mood and behavior with alcohol consumption.

People rarely make the connection between hydration and their emotions but the correlation definitely exists.  Your brain is mostly made of water, so it makes sense that it doesn’t function properly when the water you drink hasn’t been properly absorbed.

Researchers at Tufts University confirmed that dehydration adversely affects cognitive performance and mood and these adverse effects can be realized with as little as 1% dehydration, according to the Archive for Environmental Health.

The most common complaints are irritability, panic attacks, fatigue, headaches and low levels of concentration.

When you are able to truly hydrate your body, you won’t believe the difference you see in your skin, hair, nails, physical well-being, thoughts and your emotions.

How Does Water Get Structured

Nature! …and a little science.

What turns water into structured water? The water itself! Structured water is reliant upon the vortex phenomena. This process allows the water to spin in two directions simultaneously allowing the water to cleanse itself – just like in nature.  The mass of energy (a vortex) moving in a whirling motion affects the electromagnetic qualities of our most basic life force, water. This process electromagnetically charges the water, naturally filters it, vibrationally purifies it and most important, structures the water for optimal absorption and hydration.

“Thank you so much for teaching me about this wonderful product.  Every day is a treat just making the most awesome water on the planet …. and thanks to you.  The Natural Action Water devices have technology that the other companies do not have.  The “secret” is the dual action water vortexing (to the left and right simultaneously) and the secret materials that the water units are made of.  I hope everyone will take the initiative to add the DE Portable unit to their life to begin with because once a person realizes the potential that this product can make to their health and happiness they will never want to be without this awesome water and the DE Portable because our bodies are mostly made of water.”

–   Brian T.

Simply put, the electrical charge that a spinning vortex creates transforms your water into something extraordinary.

Magical Structured Water

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”

Loran Eisley

Structured water is water in its purest, most natural form. The water actually cleanses itself, just like in nature. How is structured water different from your current water? Unlike tap and bottled water, structured water:

Structured water, the purest and most natural form of water

– Neutralizes toxins

– Neutralizes bacteria

– Neutralizes disinfectants, including chlorine.

– Super hydrating at the cellular level.

– Supports and improves immune system

– It’s negatively charged, just like the earth for quick absorption

– Lower surface tension, better hydration

– Provides increased energy level.

– Structured water is more dense than tap water so you use less

– Pets and plants thrive

There’s just no comparison when you see all of the benefits of structured water.

The best part? When you see how much your water bill decreases, including how it cleans the hard minerals out of your water pipes and fixtures, our units, over time, pay for themselves.   Not only that, when you feel how structured water dissolves the calcium build up in joints and improves skin tone – you’ll believe in miracles again.

Structured Water in Nature

Nature creates structured water. Accessing it through nature is a bit more difficult.

Have you ever had the chance to drink from a mountain stream? Remember the coolness of the water? The clean taste, the energy it provided and the thirst it quenched? That was structured water.

The rocks and stones to filter the water, while the movement of the water creates vortexes that negatively charge, energize and purify the water. The water cascades over massive rocks, it swirls around corners, it glides past fish.  This is nature structuring the water.

We don’t always have access to this miracle of nature, but we can replicate it.

You now have the unique opportunity to enjoy structured water yourself anywhere. You can drink it, bathe in it, water your garden with it and experience all the benefits it has to offer.